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Supplement.dsx Empty Supplement.dsx

Post by MrMechano on Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:54 pm

It would be nice, but not a priority, to specify different compatibilities for the ProductTags tag in Supplement.dsx. I did a little research and a fairly simple interim solution comes to mind.

The following works without errors in DIM:
<ProductSupplement VERSION="0.1">
 <ProductName VALUE="Product Name Here"/>
 <InstallTypes VALUE="Content"/>
 <ProductTags VALUE=""/>
DIM seems to have no problem with an empty ProductTags tag. On the Create DIM tab you could add a "Is DS 4.5+ Product" checkbox. If checked then the ProductTags has <ProductTags VALUE="DAZStudio4_5"/>. If unchecked then the tag is blank as above.

Most people will probably not do very many non-DS installs anyway so would not have a need for more. AFAIK DIM only uses ProductTags to filter what it shows in the list of Downloadable products. Actual installation is controlled by InstallTypes. So it might even be okay to not bother with a checkbox and just leave ProductTags blank all of the time.

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Supplement.dsx Empty Re: Supplement.dsx

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:28 pm

I'll give it some thought during the next test version.

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