Empty Zips generated in CDDS( with Manifest.dsx only

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Empty Zips generated in CDDS( with Manifest.dsx only

Post by Lilifan on Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:52 am

Hello! I am a fresh user of your program and tested the last version CDDS( on several custom morph packages from various sources. I wanted to make custom DIMS with IM prefixes and my custom numbers. All packages were converted previously to zip archives (not RAR or 7Z) and I tested the spelling and order of DAZ folders inside too. But I found that for some packages CDDS works nice and created good DAZ IM zips, but for others it creates only empty zipped IMs with the only Manifest.dsx, no files inside. Although the structure of DAZ folders (data, People etc) it recreates correctly. I append some of these problem files so that you can test them and tell me what I should check and fix in such packages. Below here is the Mega folder with 3 examples of such problem files.
[Link Removed]

At second, batch creation of DIMs doesn't work for me at all and I cannot even load any zip file with content. So I have to unpack all these zipped content to separate folders and load them in CDDS via Open Folder command, then in half of cases I can create DIMs. I run these program at Windows 7 x64, my DAZ Studio is 4.6.
Please, tell me how to fix such bugs, is there any stable previous version of CDDS without them?
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Empty Zips generated in CDDS( with Manifest.dsx only

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 04, 2017 8:47 pm

For the DIM batching to work the content you want to batch needs to be setup like this.
1. Each content item you want to batch needs to be in its own folder with the folder named to the name of the content.
2. All the folders need to be in a folder you can name this folder anything you want.
3. On the batching tab in CDDS select the folder that has the content folders in it.

All the content should load.


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