Bulk Categories on the Smart Tab

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Bulk Categories on the Smart Tab

Post by Akkaal on Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:09 pm

As you know I'm completely clueless about smart content. However, I do use the add Category on the smart content tab, in fact I am in the process of reDIM-ing all the content I had created before this feature was added to CDDS. I can understand why you can't really add smart content in bulk since every asset is unique, however, for those of use who use categories rather that smart content would it be possible to select a category as part of the batching process that would add the category to the manifest?

For example I want to batch DIM all my "Hair" assets and I want to add the category "Hair" to them. Then I could do the same with all my poses, or vehicles etc etc. This would be such a huge time saver for me, and for anyone who is batching DIMs and uses categories rather than smart content.

~ Akkaal


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