html parsers for sites other than Daz3D? Renderosity/Renderotica/Others?

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html parsers for sites other than Daz3D? Renderosity/Renderotica/Others?

Post by CuddleBear on Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:28 pm

Hey, have been using this tool aswell as the C.P.A. but both of them are lacking any metadata scraping around the web.
It would be amazing if we could have a html scraper to scrape either metadata like tags, titles, images and such from sites like Renderosity for example.
They already host all the info out in public with tags and other info useful for the dsx files.
Having a program to do this on the creation of the install zip would remove the need for much of the manual input i would think.
This program is great to do much of the heavy lifting and preparation of the files themselves but its sad that you get stuck manually entering all the info already out there. Esp so when content on the Daz store is automatically filling in the metadata for us to use.

Don't expect something amazing but it would be great if we could choose the classes to be used to what field ourselfs as well, since that allows the users to add more sites for scraping support.
Searching out of a parsed ID in the filename or from a sidecar url link would also speed things up without the need to get the user to paste in the urls manually each time, even though that isnt too bad.


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Re: html parsers for sites other than Daz3D? Renderosity/Renderotica/Others?

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 02, 2018 8:08 am

Sorry for the late reply. I actually thought about doing something like that after checking it out each website would have to have it's own HTML parsers because the HTML format isn't the same. And at that time I was working on other options and never got back to it. I'll look into it some more when I get time.


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